Ts’ao-Pi & Chen-Mi 【Op.109】

  • Premiere: April 12, 1996 National Theater (Taipei)
  • Choreography: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Composer and Conductor: Wong, Ching-Ping
  • Lighting Design: Anthony Bowne
  • Stage Design: Chang, Wei-Wen
  • Costume Design: Yip, Kam-Tim
  • Performance: Neo-Classic Dance Company
    Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra
    U-Theater Company
  • Running Time: 90 minutes

“Ts’ao-Pi & Chen-Mi” is based on historical events and traditions, and explores the downfall of man through conflict, jealousy and destruction, and amid human warfare over territory, culture, love and power. Through the struggle of life and death, the work attempts to give a “Cold” and “Contrast” quality to the dance while the drama unfolds. Using realistic, fantastical and metaphorical techniques, this timeless tale of emotions is told.

“Ts’ao-Pi & Chen-Mi” uses the human battlefield, written with bodies, and the melting-pot of power, love and fame and fortune to portray the past and the present of all of us.

The dance structure:
Act I: On the March
Act II: Imperial Harem
Act III: Between the Frontal Court and Folk Lane
Act IV: Unfinished Dream