Nanguan Music and Dance 【Op.113】

  • Premiere: March 19, 1999 National Theater (Taipei)
  • Choreography: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Music Performance: Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra Nanguan Section
  • Lighting Design: Lee, Chun-Yu
  • Costume Design: Weng, Meng-Ching, Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Performance: Neo-Classic Dance Company
  • Running Time: 20 minutes

Nanguan Music characterized by its simplicity and elegance, beautiful melody and serious performance style, had been very popular among the southern Min Language speakers in the southwestern part of China over the past thousand years. It is acclaimed as the “Living fossils” of music.

The creation of “Nanguan Music and Dance” is based on Nanguan music. Its choreography is a mimicry of the traditional Chinese dance attempting to give it a new interpretation. The dance style depicts the femininity of the traditional Chinese women: their elegance, subtlety and beauty. It is structured in the framework of the dance style of the T’ang and Sung dynasties and its costumes were adopted from the common people’s dress of the Han dynasty. The hairstyles and head ornaments are also derived form those of the T’ang dynasty. What is unique is the parallel development of the dance and the music in the form of dialogue in the performance. However, the tempo and the tone of the music change in accordance with the dance.