Yellow River 【Op.114】

  • Premiere: May 1, 1999 National Theater (Taipei)
  • Choreography: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Music: Xi, Sing-Hai
  • Lighting Design: Wang, Shi-Shin
  • Stage Design: Chang, I-Cheng, Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Costume Design: Weng, Meng-Ching, Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Performance: Neo-Classic Dance Company
  • Running Time: 65 minutes

“Yellow River Chorus” is a pure musical without any accompaniment, with lyrics by Kuang Wei-Ran, published in January 1939. The music was by Xi, Sing-Hai, who being touched by the lyrics completed the music in 6 nights. “Yellow River Chorus” debuted with a hit in April 13, 1993, is composed of 8 pieces with solo, round, chorus, and duet. the music depicts how the Chinese fought against the Japanese invaders during the Second World War.

The dance structure of “ Yellow River” corresponds with the music. For instance, the duet accompanies tow dancers while the dole dancer appears when the solo is on. The music lasts for 37 minutes and the dance consists of tow scenes with a repeat of the music in the second scene. But the dance structure in the second scene is different from that in the first. The former stresses the aesthetics of the parallel structure while the later, the asymmetric beauty. In addition to depicting the fighting spirit of the people, the dance attempts to explore the application of aesthetics and force in dance by the transformation of sound into sight.