Vast Desert, Solitary Smoke Rises Straight 【Op.115】

  • Premiere: May 13, 2000 National Theater (Taipei)
  • Choreography: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Music: Chao, Chi-Ping
  • Conductor: Chang, Lieh
  • Orchestra: Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra
  • Lighting Design: Anthony Bowne
  • Stage Design: Chang, I-Cheng, Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Costume Design: Weng, Meng-Ching, Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Performance: Neo-Classic Dance Company
  • Running Time: 90 minutes

Part I Walking alone in a thousand mountains
Part II Lamentation- A memory of the earthquake on the 21st of September, 1999, Taiwan
Part III Seeking and searching
Part VI Walking alone

The dance is inspired by tow sentences form the poem of Wang Wei (699-759A.D.)

“ON BEING AND ENVOY TO THE FORNTIER”—“ Vast desert, solitary smoke rises straight. Long river, the setting sun is round.”

The image stimulated by the astronomical observatory sphere, which is invented by Chang Heng (78-139A.D.).

This dance is a symphonic poem making a dialogue between modern and ancient, the Orient and occidental, the art and technology.