The Seance 【Op.77】

  • Premiere: December 15, 1974 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Taipei)
  • Choreography: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Music: and by Hsu, Tsang-Huei
  • Lighting Design: Anthony Bowne
  • Costume Design: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Performance: Neo-Classic Dance Company
  • Running Time: 17 minutes

“The Seance” was inspired by a poem written in Chu (a kingdom extant between 740-330B.C.). The dance is imbued with the deep religious feeling inspired by the art and ceremony of folk religion, the mystic music of the Kingdom of Chu, and northern Chinese and Taiwanese ceremonies invoking the spirits of the dead.

The dance employs the rituals used in religious ceremonies to convey both the anxiety and the inner peace that are part of the mental and spiritual life of an artist, as well as an invocation of the deeper being within that is part of every artist’s search for and creation of self.