Tang Music and Dance

Liquidambar (Grand Piece)Liquidambar (Grand Piece) 【Op.118】

  • Premiere: Section I of Part I “Hsu”, Part II “Po” and Section I of Part III “Chi” on November 22, 2002;Section II of Part III “Chi” on November 21, 2003, National Theater, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • Original Choreographer: Unknown
  • Music: Grand Piece; Pansheh Tune
  • Music/Dance Reconstruction: Liu, Feng-shueh
  • Dancers: Lin, Wei-lin; Tien Pei-jen; Wen, Ming-luen;Huang, Ling-shiuan; Chang, Kuei-lin

The Grand Piece, Liquidambar, was originated in India. And one India king“A-yu wan”recovered from illness after taking the herb medicine- Liquidambar. In order to express his gratefulness, he made this grand piece of music and dance. Later it was brought into China and was put in Jiaofanglu (the register of the institution for the training of musicians, singers and dancers in Tang Dynasty). Afterwards Japanese dancer Manibeno Simatsuko brought this music and dance back to Japan.

  • Music and dance structure: 1. Hsu 2. Po 3. Chi