Tang Music and Dance

Sogdians Drink Wine (Small Piece) 【Op.119】

  • Premiere: National Theater, Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C. November 21, 2003
  • Music: Small Piece, Yiyueh Tune
  • Music Reconstruction: Liu, Feng-shueh
  • Dance Reconstruction and Reorganization: Liu, Feng-shueh
  • Dancer: Lu, Yi-chuan
  • Mask Design: Yang, Chung-fa

This piece, originally named Hu Tsui Tzu (Drunk Sogdians), is one of the Tang court music. It was called Sogdians Drink Wine after being brought to Japan. According to Chinese and Japanese literature, this dance performs the Sogdian’s drunken state.

It is said that in the North Wei (550~577 A.D.) Dynasty, Lan Lin Wan (King of Lan Lin) produced a doll called “Wu Hu Tzu” (Dancing Sogdian Doll). Every time he offered wine at the party, he would make this doll hold the pot to pour wine. There is another saying that people of Tang Dynasty often used one wooden doll named “Chiu Hu Tzu” (Sogdian Drinker) to turn around in order when they drank wine. When the doll stopped to point who the doll point to, the one had to drink.

Dr. Liu, Feng-shueh reconstructed Sogdians Dink Wine based on the literature of the Sung Dynasty (916~1279A.D.), the dance notation authorized by Japanese government in 1876, and personal notation written by Sonohila Sike (1901~ ). At this time, Dr. Liu has reconstructed SectionI, II of Hsu, and Section I, II of Chi.

  • Music and dance structure: 1. Hsu 2. Chi