Tang Music and Dance

Whirl Around (Grand Piece) 【Op.120】

  • Premiere: National Theater, Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C. November 21, 2003
  • Original Choreographer: Unknown
  • Music: Grand Piece; Yiyueh Tune
  • Music/Dance Reconstruction: Liu, Feng-Shueh
  • Arrangement: Wu, Ruey-chen
  • Dancers: Huang, Ting-ting; Lee, Meng-fan; Lai, Yi-hsuan;Young, Ya-lin; Chen, Chin-jung; Lai, Yong-hsien

During the region of Tang Ruey Tsung (684~704 A.D.), Wei Keng, an officer of fifth class was dizzy and fell down because of the strong wind at Cheng Tien Gate. He was such a short and fat man, that Shao Ching wrote a poem to satirize him: “The wind suddenly gave rise and made him whirl around.” The name of the piece was also altered to Tuan Lan Chuan, Hou Ti Yueh (The Music of Empress), or Hou Ti Tuan Luan Hsuan(Whirl around of Empress) after being brought to Japan. Liu, Feng-shueh reconstructed this work according to the ancient Japanese notation dated in 1263 A.D. The performance includes Section I, II of “Hsu”, Section I, II of “Po” Section I, II of “ Sa Ta” and Section I-VII of “Chi”. It will take too much time to perform the whole piece, so we will perform only one section from “Hsu”, “Po” and “Chi”.

  • Music and dance structure: 1. Hsu 2. Po 3. Sa Ta 4. Chi